Welcome on the new website of kennel Marakoopa.

Who are we?
We are Janet Mulder and Barend Meulenbeld and live in Barger-Compascuum together with our dogs. The kennel name Marakoopa comes from the aboriginal language of Australia and means "handsome". Raised with a longhair collie and actually a collie around us all our lives, we came into contact with the shorthair. We have studied the shorthair and that appealed to us more and more. In 2003 after the death of one of the dogs, we still wanted a shorthair.
After visiting Anita van Bussel from "van Hobbit's Home" we decided to look beyond the Netherlands as there were no puppies available and waiting lists existed. After inquiring in Finland and Germany, we got in touch with Andrea C├╝rten from kennel Whashishi. This one had puppies at that time. After a visit to the kennel we got our first shorthair female, a tricolor, Fjurdy from there. After some consultation and conversations, we decided in 2005 to add a male and that has become Fellow, a sable. There "had to" still a blue-merle in the pack, again after some consultation and some disappointments we found Yatho at kennel Turella's in Germany and knew right then, he belongs to us and moved in with us at the beginning of 2006. Yindi (October 2006), daughter of Fjurdy and Fellow, has stayed with us. Kinta was born in 2015 and stayed with us. In the meantime, the elderly animals have died and the small and great-grandchildren form the pack. From the H-litter, Allison moved to her own home with Paula and Bindi out of the I-litter, stayed with us. In 2018 we took Caitlin with us because the papillon is a little dog that Janet can easily take with her. Dalton, a papillon male, has come to live with us since the beginning of December 2020. The dogs with us are primarily house dogs, they also run shows and if they like it they can also work such as obedience, tracking, agility and canitrail. In addition, some do UV tests. We only breed according to the rules of the breed clubs. The puppies are raised in a domestic environment and receive the best possible socialization.

We hope that you enjoy our website.